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Termites – Termite Treatment – Control


Drywood termites will do serious damage to your home or business if left unchecked. Ignoring these pests can lead to expensive treatment and repairs. Take our advice which recommends every owner have their home or business inspected at least once per year. We do Free Inspections 6 days a week.pest control - termites

Drywood termite colonies consist of a King and Queen, soldiers, and workers who are responsible for feeding the colony. Just one colony can contain up to 2500 termites. Dry wood termites live in the wood and need very little moisture to survive. They are rarely seen unless you break open an infested piece of wood. The most visible evidence is their small sand-like droppings that are left wherever they are eating.

Every Fall dry wood termites swarm from their nests in search of a new area to colonize, swarming season lasts up to 3 months. Swarmers are reddish-brown with 4 wings and about half an inch long.

There are several different ways to eliminate dry wood termites; fumigation, spot-treating, foam injection, etc. We will advise you on the best way to treat your termite problem after we have thoroughly inspected your home or business. We only recommend necessary treatments. More often than not we can help you with your termite problem by spot-treating. We use Termidor which is the best product for eliminating termites and can last several years giving you protection long after we’ve completed the job. We do not use ‘Orange Oil’ to treat dry wood termites as it only lasts 4-5 days and does not eliminate all termites. Warranties: 2 years for fumigations. 1 and 2 years for spot-treatments.

Signs of termites:

Termite droppings in an attic 

Live termites in a window frame

Termite damage to the eaves

Drywood termite swarmers

Sub termite damage to a home’s foundation

Sub termite mud tubes creeping up the glass inside a store

Sub termite nest in a wall void found after removing drywall

Subterranean termite mud tubes under a kitchen cabinet

Subterranean termites are the most destructive termite you as a property owner will ever have to deal with. They do more damage than dry wood termites and in a shorter space of time. Reports show that a mature colony can eat up to 7lbs of wood a month! Colony size can range from 100,000 up to a few million! Subterranean termites live underground in the soil and travel into structures by constructing mud tubes. These mud tubes provide the termite its own little eco-system providing moisture, essential to their survival, and a means of getting from one food source to the other. They constantly move between the structure and the soil taking food (Your wood!) back to the colony to feed.termite treatment

 Every Spring subterranean termites swarm just like their dry wood cousins, in search of new areas to colonize. They look similar to dry wood swarmers except they are slightly smaller and black in color, they also have 4 wings of equal length and are about a quarter of an inch long. Sometimes they are confused with flying ants.

To treat subterranean termites we have to get to the soil that’s the only way to treat them. It can involve a few different methods; pressure-treating which is drilling small holes through the slab, one hole every foot all the holes all plugged and a cement patch is put over the top, and/or making a small trench in the soil areas around the property and filling it with the product then the trench is backfilled, and sometimes by foam injection into wall voids. The product we use is Termidor it will eliminate the colony and provide you many years of residual protection long after the job is completed. Warranties: 1-year warranty on all spot-treatments. 5 years warranty on whole house perimeter treatment.

This post was brought to you by Jenkins Pest Control and Lawn Services in San Antonio Texas

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Car Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law

Car Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law

Car accidents are inevitable. Even the safest and most cautious driver can be involved in a car wreck. Often these wrecks result in significant injuries and can have a catastrophic effect on the lives of the drivers, passengers, and their families. Car accidents may be caused by a number of different factors. Some are simply the result of mistakes, while others are the result of careless and thoughtless actions. Sometimes drugs and/or alcohol is involved. On other occasions, cell phones, speeding, and reckless driving may be the cause of the car wreck. Regardless, the impact can be devastating. Victims may be injured, cars damaged beyond repair, and work time lost. Making matters worse, your insurance company, who you pay a premium in hope that they will be there for you, may refuse to pay your medical bills or the full value of your car. If you have been involved in an automobile or truck accident, contact one of our experienced Auto Accident accident attorneys

What Should I Do If I Am Involved In A Car Wreck ?

CALL THE POLICE. Get the name, address, telephone number of: all drivers and passengers, witnesses, registered owners of the vehicle (if different from the driver). Also, obtain the other driver’s insurance company and insurance policy number. Make a note of the accident location, as well as, any injuries sustained by you or anyone else involved in the accident. Make sure you get the officer’s name and the accident report number. Note any statements made by the other driver or passengers. This is especially important if they admit if they were at fault or using drugs or alcohol. Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible. Finally seek medical attention for all of your injuries immediately. For more information, call one of our experienced Car Wreck Attorneys.

Where Are My Damages?

Texas allows victims to claim two types of damages, compensatory and punitive. Compensatory damages are calculated by adding together the victim’s medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and property damage. Punitive damages are awarded in circumstance where a defendant’s reckless driving merits “punishment” or when a defect caused the accident. Your recovery of damages may be limited by the other driver’s insurance policy. For more information, call one of our skilled Auto Accident Lawyers.

How Do I Recover For The Damages the Other Driver Caused?

In rare cases, a lawsuit will not be necessary. However, a lawsuit is usually necessary for you to receive the full value of your damages. The lawsuit is filed in the county where the accident occurred or where the defendant resides. Once filed, you become the plaintiff and the other driver is called the defendant. Unlike most T.V. shows, it may take several months or even years for your lawsuit to go to trial. Along the way evidence is collected, depositions are taken, and you may attend mediation. For more information, contact one of our experienced Personal Injury Lawyers.

What Is A Deposition?

A deposition is a meeting of the parties where a lawyer for the plaintiff asks the defendant questions about how the accident occurred. The defendant’s lawyer also gets to ask the plaintiff questions about the accident and the damages claimed by the plaintiff. Additional depositions may be taken from the plaintiff’s treating physician or witnesses to the accident. auto accident attorneys

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is when the parties agree or the Judge orders the parties to meet with a neutral third party (usually a lawyer) who attempts to resolve the case. The mediator listens to both sides and then the parties negotiate with each other through the mediator. If the parties are unable to agree on damages, the case proceeds to trial. However, if the parties are able to agree, the case is settled. For more information, call one of our experienced car accident lawyers.

What If The Defendant Does Not Have Insurance?

Your insurance coverage may include what is called “uninsured/underinsured coverage.” This type of insurance covers you in the event that the defendant does not have insurance or has less insurance than is necessary to cover your damages. When a lawsuit is filed, your insurance company will be notified. In the event the defendant does not have sufficient insurance, your insurance company will retain a third attorney who will defend their interest under the uninsured motorist policy. The insurance policy will only pay damages in an amount that does not exceed the limits of your policy.

What If My Car Is Totaled ?

Your insurance company will only pay what the car is worth. They will not pay what you owe. In many cases, you will be paid less than what you owe on the car. This is because the insurance company can deduct from the value of the car such things as previous accidents and normal wear and tear. For more information, call one of our professional car wreck lawyers.

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If You Own A Car You Have To Have Insurance

You are required to have auto insurance when you drive. Picking the right plan is often difficult. The amount of options available can overwhelm even the best of us. However, there is no reason to feel intimidated. The advice in the following article will begin your automobile insurance learning insurance

Before you customize your car, find out how much of the upgrades will be covered by your insurance company. Most of the time, they will not cover those unless they add value to the car, but that may not be a lot.

The majority of people think car insurance rates for young drivers will drastically decrease as soon as they turn twenty-five. The truth is they slowly drop after the age of 18.

Keep a clean license. Speeding tickets and accidents can really cause your insurance premiums to run high. If your driving record is poor, consider taking a safe driving course to improve your driving and help avoid future accidents and citations. It can reduce your premiums over time.

The type of vehicle you buy will play a huge role in the price you pay for your insurance policy. Depending on your taste in vehicles, from a luxury model hybrid to a beat up gas guzzler, your insurance premium will reflect that taste. If saving money is your primary concern, a modest vehicle will be your safest choice.

You might want to consider carpooling with someone or possibly taking the bus. Insurance companies love it when a consumer shows responsibility, and lowering your mileage is one way to show this to them. You could have a discount that lowers your premium if you let your agent know that you use a bus or carpool.

Property Damage
When shopping for auto insurance, be sure to know the different types of insurance coverages. There are many different situations that come into play when determining the cost of insurance. There are many things to consider when purchasing insurance such as the limits to bodily insurance liability.

Make certain that property damage liability coverage is included in your policy. This way you know that you will be covered when damage is caused by your vehicle in an accident. It’s required in all states, except for three. You can save money if you have coverage on property insurance

Comparison shopping for vehicle insurance is not only about which has the lowest total annual cost. Make sure you get information on all of a policy’s details, such as the amount of your deductible if you are involved in an accident, the limits that are placed on any benefits you receive and the levels on your various types of coverage.

Car insurance rates depend on geography, so if you are moving, it might be time to reevaluate your coverage. Insurance rates vary from place to place based on the chances of an accident or theft, and in general rural areas and suburbs have lower rates than cities.

When purchasing car insurance, get quotes from multiple carriers. There can be wide variation in rates among the various auto insurers. You should shop your auto insurance at least once a year to guarantee you are receiving the best rates. When comparing quotes, be certain the degree of insurance offered is identical.

Auto insurance is a required part of driving, and finding the right insurance and proper coverage is an important decision. The insurance will have the individual pay a certain amount that is already decided, called a deductible, anything over the deductible is covered by the insurance company saving one money.

A variety of insurance plans are available so you need to make sure you are adequately covered. You will need liability both if you injure someone or damage their property and a coverage of the damage to your car and of any medical payments. It’s also important to have insurance that covers non-collision-related vehicle damage and damages caused by uninsured drivers.

When considering a switch in insurance coverage for your automobile, be sure to continue your existing coverage during the search. Not having auto insurance is a risky game of chance. Accidents can happen at the most unexpected moments, and you want to make sure you are covered no matter insurance policies

Try to pay your car insurance on an annual basis rather than monthly. Car insurance companies can tack on anywhere from $3-$5 on average a monthly bill. This amount can add to your bill quickly. In addition, it is more difficult to pay your bill in this manner when you add it to the rest of your monthly expenses. The fewer payments you have to worry about, the better.

Auto Insurance
These are just a few of the many tips regarding auto insurance. By increasing your knowledge about auto insurance and how it works, your confusion about it will decrease. You are also in a better situation to choose the best coverage for your needs. More on this website

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